Christian “Prophet” Slams “Intellect” and Celebrates “Red Tsunami” in Elections November 14, 2018

Christian “Prophet” Slams “Intellect” and Celebrates “Red Tsunami” in Elections

“Firefighter prophet” Mark Taylor, the subject of the film The Trump Prophecy, insists that a “red tsunami” happened on election night (rather than a “blue wave”).

The only reason we can’t see it is because we aren’t spiritually mature enough to occupy the same supernatural realm that he does. Or something like that.

Taylor actually made the tsunami prediction before the election — which, while deviating from most polling, wasn’t necessarily a problem. What’s strange is that he defended his prediction even after Republicans lost control of the House and barely gained seats in the Senate. Why? Because, he said, Donald Trump would soon take down a massive global pedophile ring and execute Democratic leaders.

“What does it take to create a tsunami?” he asked. “It takes an earthquake. This is what God is saying: ‘The election is not over, this red tsunami has got to be started by an earthquake.’ We had the red wave; the earthquake was [Jeff] Sessions stepping aside. The delay is over. They are going after these people hard.”

“The tsunami is going to happen when the mass arrests take place,” he said. “That’s the red tsunami right there.”

It’s very convenient to say the tsunami refers to the mass arrests since anyone suggesting a “red wave” last week was obviously referring to Republican gains in the midterm elections. Rather than admit he was wrong, Taylor is lashing out at critics for daring to misinterpret him. We’re just not godly enough.

“I am not going to back off this red tsunami thing because I know what God told me,” Taylor said, defensively. “I know the tsunami is coming. This is all part of it. So I am not going to apologize for something that God did. People want to sit there and they want to criticize, it’s like, you don’t understand what you’re talking about because you are not seeing the big picture right now. Any prophetic person will tell you that they live way out there on the edge and they’re constantly seeing the full picture and they’re over here trying to tell the people, ‘Hey, come over here, I need you to see this.’ When people attack you like this, it’s because they’re operating from a point of intellect. They’re not operating in the spirit. God does not operate in the natural. They’re prognosticating, they’re basing their facts on what they see in the natural with their natural eyes. That is not where God operates. God operates in the spiritual realm and that’s where people get it wrong.”

There you go. We’re all just too smart to understand how his incorrect prediction actually came true.

He never acknowledges the possibility that Sessions “resigned” only because Trump wants to install an Attorney General who can squash Robert Mueller‘s investigation.

These comments aren’t just childish rants from the losing team; they are downright Orwellian in their outright refusal to accept the truth. Since Taylor is hardly alone in his delusion, this mindset shows just how much the Cult of Trump has been brainwashed.

You want to talk about “prophecy”? 1984 was supposed to be a work of fiction.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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