Here’s My Discussion with a Reverend About Faith and Atheism November 13, 2018

Here’s My Discussion with a Reverend About Faith and Atheism

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to talk about faith and atheism at Manchester United Methodist Church near St. Louis. The goal was to help the audience understand that atheism isn’t a dirty word and that questioning faith isn’t a bad thing. From the pastor’s perspective, Christianity ought to be able to answer difficult questions, so what’s the harm in asking them?

I had a lovely time, and the video of the event is below. My section isn’t new if you’ve seen me talk about why I think people are walking away from organized religion, but I would encourage you to listen to Rev. Greg Weeks give his side of the story (35:54), listen to us ask each other questions about the other’s presentation (55:00), and then answer questions from the audience (1:11:14).

They gave me a Cardinals cap as a parting gift. As a Cubs fan, I’m almost positive I would get fewer weird stares from the people who know me if I wore a hat with a cross on it.

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