Dave Daubenmire: The Elections Were “Rigged” Since Democrats Got Lots of Votes November 13, 2018

Dave Daubenmire: The Elections Were “Rigged” Since Democrats Got Lots of Votes

Poor Dave Daubnemire. The right-wing activist refuses to believe that Democrats took back control of the House. He said on his “Pass The Salt Live” webcast this week that the results of the midterm election were all a big hoax.

“Those elections are so rigged,” Daubenmire griped, insisting that the fact that polls predicting that Democrats would retake the House turned out to be “pretty accurate” was actually proof that dozens of races had been “fixed” across the nation. “Something smells on that one.”

“You can fix precinct-by-precinct elections,” he said. “Something stinks last night. You will never convince me — I wish I had my tinfoil hat on — you’ll never convince me that there are that many people, [with] the condition that America is in, that America is on the upswing, that that many people would come out and vote Democrat. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I don’t believe it.”

He’s not entirely wrong. Some elections were rigged… at least in the sense that there were massive efforts to suppress voters in states like Georgia. Their “rules” disproportionately affected poor voters and minorities — the very people who often support Democrats.

But of course that’s not what Daubemire was talking about. He’s frustrated that most Americans don’t share his views about Donald Trump. But why would they? Our country is objectively worse in so many ways, and we can trace that back to Trump’s election and the GOP’s inability to rein him in. They’ve been complicit in his ignorance-based policy decisions.

Daubenmire doesn’t understand that. Because when you’re a conspiracy theorist, reality goes against your entire concept of how the world works.

Remember being taught by your parents about how not to be a “sore loser”? Daubenmire, who came to prominence as a Christian football coach, still hasn’t figured out how to handle losing as a mature adult.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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