After Election Loss, Anti-Gay KY Clerk Kim Davis Will Pursue Christian Ministry November 10, 2018

After Election Loss, Anti-Gay KY Clerk Kim Davis Will Pursue Christian Ministry

Did you think Kim Davis, the Rowan County (KY) Clerk, was just going to fade away? Of course not. The woman who gained notoriety for refusing to sign off on same-sex marriage licenses because Jesus told her not to, and who was just defeated in her re-election bid, already has a new career in the works.


According to her attorney Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel, Davis plans to pursue a career in ministry. He made the comments on the Christian radio show Crosstalk (around the 23:50 mark):

… Kim did not campaign, interestingly. Kim just focused on doing her job. She ran a very unconventional campaign… She didn’t do official fundraisers… She didn’t go out and beat the bushes… She’s somebody who’s not your typical politician… She spent her waking hours really working on her job… [She didn’t fundraise] not because she wasn’t interested… she wants to do the job and she does it well… The person that ultimately barely beat her, she called last night and gave a congratulations, and they’re working together well. But frankly, to be honest, he doesn’t have a clue about how to run the clerk’s office. And it’s a lot more than just issuing marriage licenses.

In Kentucky, you have to be self-funding, self-supporting. And you have to run it kind of almost like a business, so that you have a zero-based budget, essentially. And you have to create your budget. So that’s not gonna be easy for somebody coming in who’s never done a single piece of paper or administration within the clerk’s office, and she has decades of experience. Frankly, I think what she’s going to do and where she’s been wanting to go, is into some form of ministry… That’s where the Lord is leading her this time.

It’s incredible how she spent all this time doing her job when literally the only reason anyone has heard of her is because she refused to do her job.

And while I’m not knocking the position, it’s not exactly rocket science. Once you figure out your responsibilities, it seems like the type of work most people could do without too much difficulty. If Kim Davis figured it out, you can too.

It’s also amusing to hear Staver’s remark about how ministry is Kim Davis’ new calling because the Lord is leading her there… especially since he said nothing of the sort the days before the election. Or during the primary. It’s almost like she didn’t give a damn what God was saying since she wanted to win the race, and when she was defeated — and not by a close margin — she rationalized her way into a new path forward.

Davis became famous for refusing to do her job. And her final act in office will be getting her attorney to lie about her future plans. What a way to be Christian.

Best of luck with her new ministry, though. I can’t wait to hear the sermon about how God wants us all to marry Husband 1, have twins with Husband 3, divorce Husband 1, marry Husband 2, divorce Husband 2, marry Husband 3, divorce husband 3, and remarry Husband 2. Because that’s God’s will. (To quote one online commenter, “Maybe she can find a position in fourth marriage counseling.”)

(Via Right Wing Watch)

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