Parkland Survivors Offer “Thoughts and Prayers” to Failed NRA-Backed Candidates November 9, 2018

Parkland Survivors Offer “Thoughts and Prayers” to Failed NRA-Backed Candidates

The midterm elections brought a lot of victories for progressives. Among the most stunning is the one being celebrated by David Hogg and other survivors of the Parkland school shooting: a record 27 NRA-backed candidates were defeated.

David’s sister, Lauren Hogg, offered her condolences to all those candidates who lost their races while trying to fight gun reform policies that would protect children and other potential victims. Specifically, Lauren gave them a taste of their own medicine by turning one of their beloved phrases against them.

The message was retweeted by her brother and thousands of others, but it isn’t the first time the Parkland kids have called out religious conservatives who use their faith to justify not taking sensible actions.

Earlier this year, she asked Trump if his religious platitudes prevented any mass shootings.

There is still a huge partisan divide in this country, but statistics show that most citizens are in favor of reasonable weapons reform. It’s also increasingly becoming the case that people see how “thoughts and prayers” are a cover for doing something meaningful as opposed to a prelude to action.

The NRA had a few successes, but it’s clear the young activists are giving the group a run for its (massive amounts of) money.

Among the more widely known to fall was Rep. Barbara Comstock, R-Va., who lost a seat dominated by the GOP since the 1950s. Comstock had drawn an “A” rating from the NRA, a fact not lost on David Hogg and other student advocates from Florida’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High. A Valentine’s Day attack at the school by a former student left 17 dead and others wounded.

Bye @BarbaraComstock 🙂,” tweeted David Hogg…

Another Parkland student, Jaclyn Corin, noted on Twitter that a record 27 NRA-backed candidates were defeated Tuesday night.

“And we’re not going anywhere, @NRA,” Corin tweeted.

While the races for Florida’s governor and U.S. senator have not yet been decided, the fact that both were that close suggest that the NRA’s support alone will no longer be enough to drag candidates over the finishing line. Maybe seeing mass shooting after mass shooting after mass shooting has helped some voters realize the obvious: Without serious gun safety reform and better treatment for people with mental health, nothing will ever change. And that won’t happen unless you change the people in charge.

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