Christian Preacher Who Said Woman Have One Title, “Helper,” Wins U.S. House Race November 8, 2018

Christian Preacher Who Said Woman Have One Title, “Helper,” Wins U.S. House Race

Republican Mark Harris has won a tightly contested race for U.S. House from North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District.

That means the newest member of Congress is a Christian preacher who said in a 2013 sermon that a woman only had one title according to the Bible: “Helper.” In that same sermon, given when he was pastor of First Baptist Charlotte, he suggested it may not be the “healthiest pursuit” for women to prioritize careers over their home lives.

Mark Harris with his “helper.”

Harris is also anti-gay, anti-abortion, and someone who doesn’t want transgender people using the right bathrooms.

While Harris declared victory Tuesday night, his opponent Dan McCready didn’t concede arguing that the race was still close. It wasn’t until last night that the math appeared impossible to overcome and McCready conceded.

135,232 votes were cast for McCready (49%) while Republican Mark Harris took home the same percentage but with slightly more votes (137,173).

Another Christian bigot wins an election. The only silver lining here is that Harris will be in the House minority where he can’t do nearly as much damage as he wants to. That’s because enough people with compassion and common sense voted for a party that actually cares about values and ethics instead of only pretending to under the guise of religion.

(Portions of this article were published earlier)

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