Trump’s Bible Study Leader Decries the “Depravity” of Non-Christian Politicians November 7, 2018

Trump’s Bible Study Leader Decries the “Depravity” of Non-Christian Politicians

The man who teaches Bible study classes to Donald Trump’s cabinet members thinks non-Christian politicians are plagued by “depravity” and incapable of making good voting decisions.

Ralph Drollinger, who has said liberal Christians aren’t really Christians, put out an election guide to help Christian politicians understand why non-believers “often do not vote right.” To him, that means supporting only ultra-conservative policies.

In his new guide — one of the weekly written Bible studies distributed to legislators in Washington, D.C., and around the country and world — Drollinger cites several biblical passages as he explores four characteristics of the “unregenerate and ungodly.”

First, he says, they think differently from believers. While believers are captive to the Word of God, he writes, “the non-Christian is his own authority and he reasons outward from his or her finite autonomy, starting with ‘well I think.’” That’s not a good thing, in Drollinger’s view: “Such a beginning point for reasoning and subsequent behavior always leads to self-centeredness, aimlessness, and meaninglessness.” Therefore, he writes, “the unregenerate spend their whole life consumed by, clawing and clamoring after the mental pursuit of wrong objectives. How sad.”

Unbelievers, Drollinger continues, ignore and suppress God’s truth, which “they know deep down to be true.” He quotes another commentator saying that the ungodly “cannot hear or understand the things of God.”

First of all, if a non-believer does “know deep down” that the Bible is actually true, then that person would not be a non-believer. Drollinger wants to define us out of existence just as the administration wants to do with transgender people. It doesn’t work that way.

He also says we non-believers have no sense of right and wrong, and that every decision we make is really “meaningless.” Those are age-old attacks Christian apologists have leveraged against atheists, arguing that without some objective set of moral truths, the whole concept of good and bad goes out the window. But a Christian administration that believes kids should be separated from their parents has already lost the morality test and proven that theory wrong.

Drollinger’s group also doesn’t understand that our Founders established separation between the government and the church because it was the best path forward for both groups.

And if you ever wonder why certain individuals on your subcommittee do not seem to get your biblical argument, here is the reason. Most likely it’s not because you lack perspicuity or communication skills, it is because they are spiritually incapable of getting it; they are spiritually deaf! Don’t be offended or take it personally when others reject your biblical positions; this passage informs you as to why: You should absolutely expect it!

Or maybe other politicians don’t care about their “biblical argument” because one religion’s holy book shouldn’t be the basis for important policy decisions in a secular nation…?

He goes on to say it is “impossible” for non-Christian politician to vote in a way that pleases “the Lord.”

What is doubly sad about the unregenerate politician is this: When public servants continue in their hardness, God will give them over and the sinner will seal his or her own fate. They become forever excluded from the life of God… Learn to identify those in this spiritual condition, as sad as this biblical reality is, and as difficult as it is to exegete what God is saying in this passage. The longer a person rejects Christ, the greater his depravity becomes.

My depravity must be off the charts.

Still, the only immoral behavior here is Drollinger’s, for arguing that people should be treated as lesser just because they don’t share his specific bed-time stories.

The fact that Drollinger dispenses religious advice to this administration should concern anyone who cares about a reason-based government that works to benefit all citizens.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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