I’ll Be Speaking at a Missouri Church Next Weekend November 4, 2018

I’ll Be Speaking at a Missouri Church Next Weekend

Next Sunday night (Nov. 11), I’ll be speaking at Manchester United Methodist Church just outside of St. Louis, Missouri.

A church? Yes, a church. The event will include a short talk from me about why young people are becoming less religious, a short talk from the pastor about what the religious and non-religious have in common, and a Q&A session with the both of us.

Those attending will gain a better understanding about why some people don’t believe in God, as well as why others do. They will discover that questioning your own faith is OK (whether believer or atheist)…it’s part of life’s journey.

Stereotypes of both atheists and believers will be overturned. Through honest and respectful dialogue, the audience will learn from both views and discover what we may all have in common. Questions from the audience will be accepted and addressed as time permits.

While the event is geared toward a younger church-going audience, it’s free and open to everybody. If you’re in the area, I hope you can make it there! All the details are right here.

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