Please Support the Work I Do Through This Site November 2, 2018

Please Support the Work I Do Through This Site

I post this article once a month. Thanks for your support!

Over the past decade, what began as a personal blog has turned into a hub with several contributors and multiple posts per day. We welcome guest posts, create YouTube videos, put out a podcast each week, and released a new book!

In order to facilitate all of this, we have set up a Patreon page.


If you’d like to help out, you can pledge a certain amount every month (with rewards along the way!) from $1 to $100.

As always, I’m grateful for the kind words and support you all send my way. It’s a pleasure being a source of information (and solace) for you, and I hope to continue it well into the future.

If Patreon isn’t preferable for you, you can use a credit card through Venmo (My address: Mpromptu at gmail) or send mail to P.O. Box 9734 Naperville, IL 60567.

And for those who prefer to make a one-time donation only, since Patreon doesn’t allow those right now, you can always give via PayPal:

Thank you!

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