This Creationist Thinks Your Kids Should’ve Dressed Up as Ken Ham for Halloween November 1, 2018

This Creationist Thinks Your Kids Should’ve Dressed Up as Ken Ham for Halloween

Yesterday afternoon, Answers in Genesis’ Bodie Hodge gave a presentation about how Christians ought to celebrate Halloween (if at all). There were a lot of laughable things he said his hour-long speech, but maybe the most surreal was his suggestion that it would be okay for Christians to participate in the holiday if they chose their costumes well…

He was talking about a church-sponsored “trunk-or-treat” party when he made the remarks at the 57:05 mark.

… It’s a two or three hour event where you really train the kids, and then you let ’em go grab some candy. You know, like Reformation candy, right? That’s what you can do. You know, if kids want to dress up, you know, I really want to encourage them to dress up in something that’s not pagan. You know, dress up like your favorite… you know, dress up like Martin Luther, dress up like your favorite Creationist, like Ken Ham, get the beard. Or dress up like Ray Comfort, you know. They only come in size small or extra small…

There’s only one reason you should be dressing up as Ken Ham on Halloween: You lost a bet.

On the up side, if a mini-Ray Comfort knocks on your door, skip the candy and give the kid a banana.

I’m convinced no one invites Hodge to Halloween parties or else he’d catch a glimpse of people’s creativity when it comes to costumes. When you’re surrounded by people who no doubt dress up as Noah every damn year, we shouldn’t be surprised that wandering around as a famous Creationist seems interesting.

(Thanks to Kerri for the link)

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