After Christian Burns LGBTQ Library Books, Atheist Raises $1,000 to Replace Them November 1, 2018

After Christian Burns LGBTQ Library Books, Atheist Raises $1,000 to Replace Them

As we posted about last week, Iowa Christian activist Paul Dorr recently burned several LGBTQ books from the Orange City Public Library to make a statement against what he saw as a permissive sexual culture.

Burning books isn’t a problem in and of itself. But these were the public’s books, not Dorr’s personal copies. He was trying to make sure no one could read them.

That backfired.

Since the video was written about online, donations to the library have been pouring in. More than 200 LGBTQ books and lots of cash have been given to the library from people eager to make amends for Dorr’s actions.

Considering he burned about $50 worth of books, that’s a huge turnaround.

One of those online fundraisers was started by local atheist activist, Justin Scott, the state director for American Atheists:

Justin Scott said he started a Facebook fundraiser as a “knee-jerk reaction” to Dorr’s video. Within days, he had raised more than $1,000.

Scott said the library urged him to also consider other groups for the large donation, so he’s asking the donors their thoughts on giving the money to local libraries and LGBTQ and youth organizations, including OC Pride — the group targeted in Dorr’s video.

James Peron, president of the libertarian think tank Moorfield Storey Institute, said he shipped 20 LGBTQ books and DVDs to the library. He raised hundreds of dollars in a GoFundMe, mostly from friends, he said.

He plans to make another shipment soon.

If Dorr wanted to prevent kids from reading those books, he failed. They’ll now have even more material to choose from. Want to keep it going? You can donate to Justin’s fundraiser on Facebook right here.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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