Christian Evangelist: “Evil” Democrats Have Abandoned “Morality and Civility” October 31, 2018

Christian Evangelist: “Evil” Democrats Have Abandoned “Morality and Civility”

Christian preacher Andrew Wommack, who once said cancer was “no big deal” since Jesus would save you in the afterlife, blames Democrats for the decline in civility. Which makes as much sense as blaming penicillin for drawing attention to bacterial infections.

Wommack said this during a “Truth & Liberty Coalition” webcast on Monday night while urging Christians to vote for Republicans because anything else amounted to “evil.”

“The Democratic Party, they used to, they would hide themselves and present themselves as moderates but when they got elected, man, throw off the restraints,” Wommack said. “They now have come out of the closet; I mean, they are presenting themselves as anti-God. And I know that people may struggle with this, but I tell you, the Democratic Party — I am not Democrat, nor Republican, I’m a Christian — but the Democrats have totally abandoned any sense of morality and civility and it’s evil.”

I just don’t understand how a Christian can vote for the killing of children, for open borders, for allowing this stuff in, for all of the things that the Democrats stand for,” he added. “If you are a Christian, you need to make a stand. I don’t care if your parents and grandparents were Democrats, you need to start letting the word of God influence you more than a political association.”

Democrats are not anti-God. The sole member of Congress who’s openly non-theistic doesn’t even call himself an atheist, much less rant against religion.

Democrats aren’t killing children. Meanwhile, Republicans are tearing kids apart from their families in the name of national security.

Democrats are not for open borders. Literally every Democrat makes that clear every time they talk about immigration.

And while we’re at it, many Christians who accept the “word of God” don’t believe the GOP is fulfilling biblical principles. There’s a rising, vocal Religious Left that is inspired by their faith to support social justice, defend civil rights, fight against income inequality, care for the environment, and go far beyond the typical culture war issues. Wommack may not believe they’re True Christians™ but they certainly believe they are.

This is how deranged people on the far right can be. They believe they’re living out the moral dictates of their faith by putting their support behind a party that refuses to condemn the infestation within their own ranks. If Republicans can’t see the problem with Republicans… well, it’s hardly surprising that a Christian conspiracy theorist is falling for their rhetoric.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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