Baptist Minister Says the Book of Genesis Gets Human Sexuality All Wrong October 30, 2018

Baptist Minister Says the Book of Genesis Gets Human Sexuality All Wrong

Contrary to Christians who think the creation of Adam and Eve justifies their stances against LGBTQ rights, sexologist William Stayton (how awesome is that title?) says the Book of Genesis does not have the final word on gender roles. He made the remarks at a conference sponsored by a Baptist group called JUST SEX.

Stayton, professor emeritus in the Center for Human Sexuality Studies at Widener University, said the same embryonic material develops in the womb into both male and female. Which depends on factors including whether the default progression toward an XX chromosome pair is switched off by the introduction of the Y chromosome from the male.

“It’s impossible in biology — and when you look at paleobiology — it’s impossible that males came first,” Stayton said. “God does not go against God’s own setup, if you will. Nature’s intention is always to produce a female, and you have to add something to weaken the system and make it a man.”

“That’s a really profound thing that we haven’t dealt with very well, especially with Genesis,” he said. “Actually, the pre-Hebrew religions were all female worldwide, and Genesis turns out to be the final putdown of women. That’s a very important teaching for us in working in this field.”

Interestingly, the Bible is believed to mention the existence of intersex people. Some historians believe that eunuchs were castrated for this very reason. While this obviously does not present such individuals in a positive light, it supposedly affirms that such a condition is possible, which many conservative Christians refuse to do.

“There is no binary male and female,” Stayton said. “We are all on a spectrum.”

“Even in this room, we’re all on a spectrum, and it’s important that we begin to see the matrix, the dimensions, the possibilities along that spectrum that we all are on, that it’s all normal.”

Regarding sexual orientation, Stayton introduced the Kinsey Scale, used in college textbooks ranging from zero for exclusively heterosexual to six for exclusively homosexual. Stayton said research indicates that 80 percent of people are somewhere in between.

‘Nature’s intention really is to produce a three,” he said. “The more repressive a society becomes, the more it reaches out to the bipolar opposites. The less repressive societies move into the two, three, four categories.”

Stayton then proposed a “solid biblical case” for proving that Jesus was “a solid three.”

For a Christian conference that included time for worship and Bible study, perhaps it’s a small miracle that Stayton wasn’t booed into silence — or hauled off the stage to be burned at the stake for heresy.

(Image via Alliance of Baptists)

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