Mail Bomb Suspect’s Boss: He Told Me “Jesus Made a Mistake” Because I’m Lesbian October 27, 2018

Mail Bomb Suspect’s Boss: He Told Me “Jesus Made a Mistake” Because I’m Lesbian

Cesar Sayoc, the suspected “MAGA Bomber” who sent pipe bombs to dozens of Donald Trump‘s critics, once told his lesbian boss Debra Gureghian that he would “burn her” when white supremacists took over the country.

Full of Christian love, that man.

… I knew he had issues… He was anti-gay, anti-black, anti-Jewish, you name it. Everybody that really wasn’t white and wasn’t a white supremacist didn’t belong in the world. That’s what he used to say to me all the time… As far as an employee, he was on time, he was cordial, he was articulate. I never had any problems with him. There was no theft. My customers liked him. But it was just his political views that scared me. Basically he was a model employee

… he knew that I was a very strong supporter, very strong lesbian, very proud of my sexuality. But more than once, he told me that if he had complete autonomy, I would burn in hell with all the blacks and Jews and Hispanics and everybody else. It was just the white supremacists that were gonna rule the world. And unfortunately, he said, “Debra, as much as I like you, you’re gonna be the first one I burn.”

She also added that Sayoc told her “Jesus made a mistake” by making her a lesbian.

While Sayoc’s general right-wing extremism has been scrutinized since the bombs were discovered, his religion hasn’t received much attention. That’s fair enough — it’s not like a pastor radicalized him — but that also means his Christian faith didn’t deter him from his alleged actions.

It’s funny how Jesus’ parable about the Good Samaritan continues to be relevant. The person who showed the most grace, the most poise, and the most maturity in their interactions with each other was the person Sayoc despised due to his faith.

Being part of a workplace requires a certain amount of diplomacy. You’re likely to be surrounded by all kinds of people who don’t share your worldview, but you’ll have to set aside those differences in order to work together productively. Kudos to people like Gureghian, who was able to separate a person’s politics, however reprehensible, and evaluate him solely on his work performance. The patience she must have displayed in the workplace — and even in this interview — is incredible.

But the moment an employee makes a threat like Sayoc did, all bets are off. You don’t owe such a person any respect. She had good reason to fire him even if he presented himself like a good worker otherwise. Her comments are a strong reminder that appearances can be deceiving and religion isn’t synonymous with morality.

(via Joe. My. God.)

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