Jim Bakker: Donald Trump’s Only Alive Because Christians Are Praying for Him October 27, 2018

Jim Bakker: Donald Trump’s Only Alive Because Christians Are Praying for Him

In a week when much of the news was focused on a right-wing domestic terrorist who sent pipe bombs to prominent Democrats, televangelist Jim Bakker urged Christians to pray.

Not for the victims. Not for peace. But because, he said, those prayers were the only thing keeping Donald Trump alive.

“We’ve got an election coming up in a few days and if you don’t all get out and vote, you’re going to feel so bad,” Bakker warned as his wife, Lori, urged everyone to get out and “vote for God’s side.”

… Bakker said that God has warned him that if Trump is assassinated, “it will be judgment on America.”

“God is going to protect him as long as we pray over him,” Bakker said. “It’s a miracle he’s surviving, it’s a miracle he’s doing what he’s doing. I just want the people of God to know that we have to move and we have to pray and we have to vote and we have to cover with the blood of Jesus our families and everything that is around us. This is the new age and it is not the new age of Jesus Christ, this is a new age of demon power in this country.”

If Bakker or other Christians actually believe this nonsense, then they should be urging Trump to save the taxpayers some money and give up his Secret Service protection. (Not that the agency would allow that.)

This is also a not-so-subtle way for Bakker to encourage his viewers (average age: 104, I assume) to vote for Republicans up and down the ballot. He’s openly saying Trump is God’s preferred candidate and voting for Democrats would be an act of defiance against the Lord.

In a less ignorant world, this sort of rhetoric wouldn’t work. Then again, in a less ignorant world, Bakker wouldn’t have a job.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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