Pastor Says on InfoWars That Ruth Bader Ginsburg Should Be Executed for Treason October 25, 2018

Pastor Says on InfoWars That Ruth Bader Ginsburg Should Be Executed for Treason

Conservative Christian pastor and conspiracy theorist extraordinaire Rodney Howard-Browne is best known for his “Holy Laughter”-based religious ceremonies.

It was no laughing matter earlier this week, however, when he subbed in for Alex Jones on InfoWars and said Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg should be executed.

“If you hear Bader Ginsburg talk, she talks about the Constitution of America being totally flawed,” Howard-Browne complained.

After Hall recounted Ginsburg’s 2012 statement, Howard-Browne asserted that Ginsburg should have been removed from office because “that was high treason.”

“She should have been impeached, immediately,” Hall agreed.

“I’d have them shot,” Howard-Brown replied. “To me, that’s a total violation, because how do you pledge to defend the Constitution when you are totally throwing it under the bus?”

Even his co-host distanced herself from those comments immediately, saying that (ha ha ha) “we got rid of the whole ‘execution thing.'” You know things have gone too far when even a host on InfoWars thinks you’ve gone too far.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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