Flat-Earther Who Launched Himself in Homemade Rocket Exposed as Sexist on Tosh.0 October 22, 2018

Flat-Earther Who Launched Himself in Homemade Rocket Exposed as Sexist on Tosh.0

Surprise! Someone who believes the Earth is flat, and wants to fly into space in a rocket he built in his garage to prove it, has other awful beliefs as well.

“Mad” Mike Hughes, the “self-taught rocket scientist” and limo driver who flew in a homemade rocket to raise awareness for a fundraising campaign he thinks will take him to space, revealed his thoughts on women in an interview with comedian Daniel Tosh on Tosh.0.

Tosh referred to Hughes as the “world’s most insane Flat Earther” (which is saying a lot), adding that Hughes was “smart enough to build a missile from scratch and dumb enough to climb inside.”

Asked by Tosh if he had always been a “risk taker,” Hughes did everything he could to shift the conversation to women, specifically saying he had dated women with “questionable morals.”

When I used to pick up women in clubs, I used to use Neurolinguistics, which is the study of body patterns and body movements, but I would use the GUE theory — and that is Go Ugly Early. You don’t have to buy ‘em any drinks, and you always get laid by 10 o’clock that night.

Hughes, who believes the Sun and moon can’t possibly be in the sky at the same time if the Earth is a “globe,” went on to brag about past encounters in which he demeaned women he just slept with.

I had a bad problem; when I used to sleep with women, I’d write on them with a permanent magic marker. They couldn’t know it until they got home the next day taking a shower and they say, “Hey, what’s going on back there.”

Tosh responded exactly how I would have.

That doesn’t seem as much like a hobby as it does assault.

Tosh then asked a simple question about how Hughes is perceived by those close to him. He asked if Hughes’ ex-wife would be surprised that he’s shooting himself into space.

I’d love to see her tits again. They were incredible.

Classy. Very classy.

Going back to the topic Hughes is best known for, Tosh raised an important question we’ve talked about before on this site. The comedian said he didn’t think Hughes believed in the Flat Earth so much as he just wanted a “free trip to space.” Frankly, considering the things Hughes has said about women and other topics, his take on a Flat Earth may be among the sanest of his beliefs. (Case in point: He also believes Antarctica is a 150-foot-tall ice wall that “keeps all the oceans in.”)

I personally think that Hughes, a 62-year-old who has raised a mere $87 of the $2 million needed to get him to space to verify the shape of the Earth, has overstayed his welcome in the public eye. Even Tosh agreed, summarizing their conversation very bluntly:

I was not expecting that guy to be so horny. In this current climate, maybe it’s time for him to leave the planet.

Touché, Tosh.

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