Creationist Who Said He Supported “Fact-Based Curriculum” Wins School Board Race October 22, 2018

Creationist Who Said He Supported “Fact-Based Curriculum” Wins School Board Race

Darrell Furgason just won an election to the Chilliwack School District Board (in British Columbia), and that may seem like good news if you glance at his platform and believe he truly supports “Academic Excellence,” “Inclusivity for all,” and a “Quality, fact-based curriculum.”

It’s too bad he doesn’t actually believe any of those things.

Furgason is actually an anti-LGBTQ Young Earth Creationist whose primary allegiance is to the Bible and not the students. We know this because of posts he’s made on Facebook as director of the Worldview Studies Center, a Christian non-profit.

And now he’s one of seven trustees who will run the school board, joined by fellow Christian bigot Barry Neufeld who recently referred to transgender students as victims of “child abuse.” (Both men ran on what critics dubbed the “Hate Slate.”)

Heather Maahs, who also got elected, wasn’t part of the Hate Slate, but she still had the support of Neufeld and Furgason.

If there’s any good news here, it’s that the three conservatives are outnumbered by four sensible trustees. But that margin is too close for comfort and a reminder to progressives that they can’t just sit back in elections like this. Conservatives are angry and strategic. Progressives need more of both to win elections, especially when their mindset is shared with the general public. They need more candidates, better campaigns, and the realization that even local elections (especially those!) matter.

Crisis averted in this case. That may not always be the case.

(Thanks to Sean for the link. Portions of this article were published earlier)

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