GOP Rep. Urges Christians to Vote in Midterms to “Block Any of Satan’s Work” October 20, 2018

GOP Rep. Urges Christians to Vote in Midterms to “Block Any of Satan’s Work”

One of the most vulnerable Republicans in the House right now is Rep. Mike Bost from Illinois’ 12th district. And one of the reasons Democrats should have an edge in this race is because Bost is the sort of Christian who thinks everyone who disagrees with him is a spawn of Satan.

He made this clear during a “prayer call” on Friday for the group Intercessors for America. They want to pray their way to a red wave in the midterms, and Bost offered a prayer that depicted Democrats as demons.

Lord God, we know that you raise leaders, and you take leaders out … We ask that you intercede at this time that these elections fall truly in your hands …

Motivate us. Send us out as your warriors, send others out. Call up your armies, call up your chosen, to come forward to make sure that what is going on is done in accordance with your will … you, God, must take control of this …

We just ask you now to take control, to take total control of these elections. that you call up the people that you would have to move forward, to vote, to stop and block any of Satan’s work, any of his demons’ work, and anything that would be a lie, and block that …

Who knew Satan was a fan of affordable health care, protecting patients with pre-existing conditions, not tearing children away from their parents, ethical accountability, and fiscal responsibility?

Bost also warned everyone that his party was facing opposition from groups that believe “we are not a Judeo-Christian-believing nation.” Maybe he meant it to scare people, but there’s nothing scary about that fact. Christians may still be in the majority, but that’s rapidly changing, and the insinuation that we’re a “Christian nation” that ought to be governed in accordance with a Bible is a Christian lie that needs to be eradicated.

I would love to know what sign Bost thinks God would be sending if there really is a blue wave — or at least if he loses his race. (By the way, you can and should support his opponent, Brendan Kelly, right here.)

Before this prayer phone call, Bost was known to the church/state separation crowd for a photo-op in which he handed Donald Trump a Giant Bag of Prayers, a gesture that led to all kinds of questions about how that could possibly be useful to anybody.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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