C-SPAN Caller Blasts Tony Perkins for Worshiping Donald Trump Instead of Jesus October 17, 2018

C-SPAN Caller Blasts Tony Perkins for Worshiping Donald Trump Instead of Jesus

There’s not a lot of enjoyable news lately, but you’re going to love this.

Christian hate group leader Tony Perkins appeared on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal yesterday to take calls about evangelical voters and the upcoming midterms. One of the callers was a fellow evangelical Christian.

Except he didn’t want to use the word “evangelical” and he probably wouldn’t like the word “fellow” either.

Raw Story’s David Edwards has the clip and transcript:

“I was an evangelical Christian,” Steve explained to Perkins. “But I gave that up. I went back to being a true Christian.”

“A true Christian follows the teachings of Jesus,” the caller continued. “Evangelicals have become paranoid, white Christians losing their country to minorities. They have only one goal and that is to keep America white and Christian. And that’s exactly opposite of what Christianity is. Christianity is about love and helping others and taking care of others.”

According to Steve, “The paranoid white Christians have now become worshippers of Donald Trump. They follow all of these false prophets out there living in $16 million houses, flying around in $10 million jets. They need to wake up.

Perkins, as you’d expect, responded with a statement about how Christians didn’t get a choice in the “truth”… which always seems to be whatever the Republican agenda is that week. He also argued in the same show that voting for Donald Trump wasn’t hypocritical at all since Hillary Clinton‘s positions were “antithetical to Christian beliefs.” Because keeping children with their parents, and protecting the environment, and hiring credible people to run agencies, and not calling adult film stars “horseface” is apparently contrary to Christian values.

This is the problem with Christians like Perkins. They irrationally believe saving fetuses is more important than helping the adults those fetuses would grow up to become or taking care of the planet they would eventually inhabit.

They want to protect the pre-born in order to be rewarded in the afterlife. The world they currently inhabit? They don’t give a shit about it. That’s precisely why they shouldn’t be in a position of power in government.

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