A Georgia Doctor Is Helping Women Reverse the Effects of Genital Mutilation October 17, 2018

A Georgia Doctor Is Helping Women Reverse the Effects of Genital Mutilation

A Christian doctor is the first in the nation to open a non-profit clinic for survivors of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), according to the Christian Post.

The goal? Helping victims regain at least some of what’s been taken from them.

Georgia physician Dr. T. Wayne Bloodworth’s mission is to provide free surgeries to restore the bodies and minds of women who have been traumatized and robbed of their female identity. When patients arrive at the clinic from the US and other parts of the world, they often ask his welcoming staff, “Why does a white man do this?” And while the patients are not asked about their own religion or their immigration status, his staff answers openly, “He is a care-giving Christian white guy.” One of his recent patients at The Surgery Center for FGM best summarized Dr. Bloodworth’s goal in her grateful and life changing comment, “I feel whole again.”

While other professionals are beginning to donate their services, Dr. Bloodworth up until now has totally financed the operation and equipping of the clinic. Since there is no fee for the services, they depend on donations and grants. He welcomes donations for what he views as a ministry for a hidden trauma suffered by hundreds of thousands of women. He wants to expand into training other physicians since only a handful of surgeons currently have the know-how.

The surprised reactions from some of Bloodworth’s patients aren’t without justification: white, Christian men have been responsible for (or at least proponents of) policies that actively harm the people who need health care the most — particularly minority groups. In a country that is currently being run by the sort of conservative evangelicals that Jesus would likely call “hypocrites” and “white-washed tombs,” it’s nice to know that men like Bloodworth are still out there.

While he’s personally Christian, the organization is secular, so this isn’t an endorsement of the organization or a request to donate just yet. While the mission is obviously important, it’s also important that other experts weigh in on this kind of surgery, the doctor’s work, and how patients are doing afterwards.

Still, may there soon be more doctors just like him, trying to fix a problem that never should have occurred in the first place.

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