Pope Says Abortion is Like “Hiring a Hitman,” Showing His True Colors October 10, 2018

Pope Says Abortion is Like “Hiring a Hitman,” Showing His True Colors

Pope Francis is showing what he truly believes as he lashes out against people fighting for safe and legal abortions, saying the process is like “hiring a hitman.”

Francis has been the “Public Relations Pope” ever since he came into power via the mighty Vatican smoke (a.k.a. Catholic leaders who meet in secret) because of his focus on inclusive wording and gentle statements. But lately he’s been in the news for various missteps involving sexual abuse and cover-ups and — now — issuing harsh and unfair criticisms of abortion, albeit criticisms that line up with Catholic doctrine on the issue.

Specifically, he told a crowd of people that abortion was akin to “hiring a hitman to resolve a problem.”

The pontiff told his weekly general audience at St Peter’s Square that “a contradictory approach to life allows the suppression of human life in the mother’s womb in order to safeguard other values”.

He added: “How can an act that suppresses an innocent and helpless life as it blossoms be therapeutic, civil or, simply, humane?” He went on to tell the audience that “it is not right” to take a human life, no matter how small.

Women’s groups in Italy have been fighting to ensure safe access to abortion amid a growing campaign from far-right politicians and anti-abortion groups to impose restrictions on the procedure or ban it completely.

So… the guy who runs what amounts to a criminal organization — one in which thousands of children have been sexually abused — is making a case for the importance of being humane? If it’s “not right” to take a life that doesn’t yet exist, surely it would be far worse to ruin the lives of people who have already been born. But the Catholic hypocrisy remains. It makes no sense to proclaim yourself “pro-life” while advocating policies that physically and emotionally scar women. More to the point, a doctor performing a safe and routine procedure is in no way like someone paid to murder a stranger.

As The Guardian points out, these comments represent a sharp right turn for the P.R. Pope, who has for years preached “Kumbaya”:

Shortly after becoming pontiff in 2013, Francis appeared to be cultivating a softer stance towards issues such as abortion and homosexuality, saying that the Catholic church must move on from such arguments and “heal wounds” while focussing instead on “compassion and mercy”.

The façade is now fading, and Pope Francis is showing his true colors when it comes to women’s issues, the LGBTQ+ community, and even sexual abuse of children. No wonder so many U.S. Catholics are getting sick of him.

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