Czech Priest: Proposed Laws Will Create “Superior Ruling Class” of Homosexuals October 10, 2018

Czech Priest: Proposed Laws Will Create “Superior Ruling Class” of Homosexuals

One of the leaders of the Catholic Church in the Czech Republic is Monsignor Petr Piťha, a former Education Minister and a man whom Pope Francis declared Chaplain of His Holiness in 2015. He’s not a nobody.

On September 28, the feast day of St. Wenceslas and a national holiday, Piťha spoke at the Cathedral of St. Vitus, St. Adalbert and St. Wenceslas and delivered a hyperbolic screed (in Czech) about what would happen in the country if religious conservatives caved in to the supposed homosexual agenda.

He was specifically referring to the ratification of the “Istanbul Convention,” a document signed by 46 countries and the European Union that calls for the protection of women, condemns “honor” killings, and prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. The Czech Republic, already late to the party, signed the Convention in 2016 (five years after it was first adopted), but it has yet to be ratified and put into effect.

Piťha doesn’t want to see that happen because of what he claims are the natural consequences of tolerating LGBTQ rights.

After denouncing the proposed laws as the work of “neo-Marxists,” he rattled off what the future would look like under the new rules if accepted. Here’s a rough translation of what he said.

Your families will be torn apart. If you tell your children men and women are not the same, that’s enough of an excuse to separate you from them.

They will take your children away, and they won’t tell you where they are, where they were sold, or where they are prisoners. All it will take is a single false accusation.

• You will no longer be able to determine the sex of your newborn baby by looking at its genitals.

• Because your children will decide their own sex, you won’t even be allowed to give them names.

• If there’s a disagreement between parents and children, the adults will be deported to a concentration camp where they could be executed.

Homosexuals will be declared a superior ruling class. Everyone else will be part of the inferior working class with no freedom of speech.

People will be inferior to animals that reproduce sexually since the law won’t apply to cats, frogs, or insects.

That’s… an impressive list of religious lies.

Considering how many nations have already put the Istanbul Convention in effect, you’d think we would have heard about a new master class of homosexual overlords. Alas, it hasn’t happened. Concentration camps for religious parents don’t exist. Frogs don’t rule the world. Babies still have a biological gender listed on their birth certificates. And while families haven’t been torn apart on the basis of their religious beliefs, the Trump administration, which is controlled by conservative Christians, has forcibly separated the children of refugees from their parents for no good reason.

People shouldn’t be worried about non-discrimination measures. They should be worried about people like Piťha who cling to power by spreading fear to gullible religious audiences.

(Thanks to Vladimir for the link and Tony for the help)

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