Want to Change People’s Most Sacred Beliefs? Look at the Towers on Their Heads October 4, 2018

Want to Change People’s Most Sacred Beliefs? Look at the Towers on Their Heads

This is a really neat analogy for how, as hard as it can be to change people’s minds, it’s still possible if you take the right approach.

Just picture a Jenga-like tower

Some people’s towers are so tall and precarious that they are too scared to move.

Some people are so good at balancing it seems to defy physics.

The higher-up blocks might have been chosen because they made us feel good, or just happened to be lying around.

You may find that most of us didn’t choose our bottom blocks at all. Those foundational beliefs were laid by our culture, our society, or our parents.

Once we know why the blocks are there, we can step back and take a long hard look at our tower

It’s a really important concept: Helping people understand how their towers were stacked may be more useful in changing their minds than trying to dislodge particular blocks. Once they understand what’s behind the construction, they can start rebuilding properly.

It applies to religion, sure, but other closely held beliefs, too.

The video was animated by Rebecca Fox, whose excellent work we’ve posted about before. The narration is from Anthony Magnabosco, who promotes the kind of “street epistemology” seen in the video.

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