Man Who Strangled Woman in His Basement Says He Thought God Would Resurrect Her October 3, 2018

Man Who Strangled Woman in His Basement Says He Thought God Would Resurrect Her

I suppose if you believe Jesus was resurrected, you might be less likely to question a voice of “God” that tells you to kill a woman then bring her back to life.

Daniel Walter Kenning fatally strangled 45-year-old Jennifer Lee Moy in his basement, then told authorities that he was acting on God’s orders. He also said God promised him he would be able to resurrect her.

According to the complaint, Kenning told police he had met the women “previously at a wedding and that they had recently communicated on Facebook Messenger.”

In a statement to an investigator, Kenning said he had picked the woman up the night before and driven her to his home. The complaint said Kenning told police he had “tied (the woman’s) legs and handcuffed her arms to a table.” He then admitted to intentionally strangling the woman “with one hand until she died.”

According to the complaint, Kenning told the investigator that “God had told him he needed to kill someone and that he would be able to resurrect them.” Kenning also said he was “supposed to” kill the woman while they were together the previous weekend, but “could not do it at that time.”

Kenning faces a maximum sentence of 40 years’ imprisonment.

Kenning is charged with one count of second-degree intentional murder. It seems like a relatively small punishment given that this murder was premeditated and that his attorney may ask for a reduced sentence or even argue that his client is insane. That’s hard to believe given that his neighbors didn’t notice anything was off, and that he seemed like a “nice sort of chap.”

Shocked is the right word, I guess,” said Hub Levandowski, who lives across the street from a house where authorities say the body of a 45-year-old Blaine woman was found Saturday…

Levandowski, who has lived at his home on the north side of St. Cloud for about 52 years, said he had spoken with Kenning a few times but did not know him very well. Levandowski said Kenning told him he was a truck driver.

“He seemed to be a nice sort of chap,” he said.

Levandowksi said police interviewed him on Saturday and asked if he had heard anything Friday night, which he said he did not. Levandowski said he does not know the Blaine woman.

All of his neighbors said Kenning’s home was quiet and well-kept, so they didn’t paint the picture of a sloppy person who can’t care for themselves. They also didn’t mention anything about his religious beliefs. That means we’ll learn soon enough if he really was devout and thought he heard the voice of God in his head or if he’s just using that excuse as a bargaining tactic in court.

Neither option should make anyone feel better.

(Thanks to @benjaminmpls for the link)

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