Jesus-Loving MD State Senate Candidate Criticized for Anti-Muslim Facebook Posts October 3, 2018

Jesus-Loving MD State Senate Candidate Criticized for Anti-Muslim Facebook Posts

The last time we posted about an Anne Arundel County (Maryland) council member, it was because Michael Peroutka, who had previously said accepting evolution was anti-American, was claiming racism wasn’t really a problem unless we were talking about the “real racism” of abortion.

Looks like he’s not alone in making crazy comments online. His fellow council member John Grasso is currently getting attention for a series of nasty anti-Muslim posts made on Facebook.

Like this one he shared about how we’re not a “Muslim nation” (which literally zero people were ever claiming).

The way he seems to intend it, we’re not a “Christian nation,” either. Why is it always the so-called patriots who never seem to know what the Constitution says about the establishment of religion…?

That was followed by another shared post all about how Donald Trump should “ban Islam” in schools.

Since Sharia Schools don’t exist in the U.S., he’s either suggesting that Muslim students shouldn’t be allowed to practice their faith in the same way Christians can or that Islam shouldn’t be taught, even academically, in courses that cover major world religions. Pick your poison: Illegality or ignorance.

Grasso attempted a bizarre backtrack when confronted by local reporters:

Grasso told WJZ that these are not his views, that he was just sharing the content someone else posted.

“I don’t treat anybody different than anybody else. I see a person until proven different,” Grasso said.

First off, sharing the content carried the message of endorsement. It’s not like he shared them with the message “I don’t agree with this.” Plus his original content carries the same kind of bigoted messaging. And what the hell sort of statement is “I see a person until proven different”? This guy, by his own posts, seems to think being Muslim means you’re “different” enough to condemn.

Even Republican Governor Larry Hogan was quick to distance himself from Grasso:

The governor’s office said in a statement, “The governor has not and will never endorse John Grasso for anything. The governor has consistently stood up and spoken out against hate of all kinds and will continue to do so.”

The line about endorsement is relevant since Grasso is now running for State Senate. Because when you’re already scraping the bottom of the bigotry barrel, the only way to go is up.

Zainab Chaudry, a member of the Council on American Islamic Relations (a watchdog group for Muslims), urged Grasso to remove the posts. He refused to do so, as he told the local reporter, but he also responded to Chaudry yesterday on Facebook… and it didn’t go well.

This morning, he called and went off on me about Islam attacking America on 9/11, sharia taking over our country and infiltrating our schools, Muslims needing to all be vetted because “they’re always blowing things up”, and Islam not belonging in America. He was emphatic in his support for Donald Trump’s call for a complete and total shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.

To conflate all Muslims with the 9/11 terrorists and arguing that they should be treated differently in the eyes of our government is precisely why Grasso has no business in an elected office. By the way, if he told Chaudry he supports Trump’s Muslim ban, it directly contradicts what he said to WJZ’s Ava-joye Burnett.

As for Chaudry’s comments, Grasso didn’t care for them, telling another reporter, “Screw CAIR. I don’t give a crap about them.”

No one suspected otherwise.

His opponent in the State Senate race is Democrat Pamela Beidle. You can support her campaign right here.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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