GOP House Candidate Blames Black Illiteracy for Passage of LGBTQ Rights Bill October 3, 2018

GOP House Candidate Blames Black Illiteracy for Passage of LGBTQ Rights Bill

This week in “Ridiculous Things Trump Supporters Say,” a Republican woman running for Congress tweeted that a law protecting LGBTQ rights only passed because black people in Cleveland are illiterate and don’t attend church.

I wish I was more shocked, but these types of statements are all too frequent…

Beverly Goldstein is the GOP House candidate for Ohio’s 11th District, where she’s running against incumbent Democrat Marcia Fudge (who, it may be worth mentioning, is African-American). Her comments came in response to the Cuyahoga County Council passing an ordinance banning discrimination on the grounds of sexual preference or gender identity.

Goldstein’s campaign manager and husband had this to say in her defense. (Keep in mind he thinks he’s helping her.)

If most of them understood that this ordinance would allow transgender males, or sex offenders who masquerade as transgender males, to use women’s bathrooms regularly used by mothers and daughters, thereby endangering the safety of girls and women, they probably would have brought pressure to bear on their elected county representatives not to bring the resolution in the first place,” Michael Goldstein said. “But those who cannot read cannot be expected to know about the negative effects of the resolution.”

Insults, transphobia, ignorance, and scare tactics. All in one statement. That’s impressive. Though you would think a party that cares so much about “the safety of girls and women” would back off of its support for Brett Kavanaugh. Instead, they’re blaming the victim, calling her a liar, or saying the truth doesn’t matter because it happened years ago. Female safety only seems to matter when it comes at the expense of maligning minorities they despise.

(Screenshot via YouTube)

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