Survey: “New Age” Beliefs Thrive Even Among Those With No Religious Affiliation October 2, 2018

Survey: “New Age” Beliefs Thrive Even Among Those With No Religious Affiliation

The good news is that atheists are the least like group to believe in New Age nonsense.

A Pew Research Center analysis found that only 22% of atheists believe in at least one of the following: spiritual energy, psychics, reincarnation, or astrology.

The bad news is… are you kidding me? 22%?! OF ATHEISTS?!

Normally, when we have numbers that embarrassing, we’re lumped in with the “Nones”… but in this case, the people who believe in “nothing in particular” are the worst when it comes to believing in the irrational, with 78% believing in some form of supernatural nonsense.

I suppose the Nones number makes some sense. The people who don’t subscribe to organized religion but can’t bring themselves to use the atheist or agnostic label are much more likely to believe in pseudoscience. And while it’s never a good sign when evangelicals represent the more sensible end of the nonsense spectrum, keep in mind that they have their own brand of myths and they’re explicitly told not to buy competitors’ products.

There were some other notable differences in other ways, too. Men are less likely than women to believe in pseudoscience; older people less likely than young people; college graduates less likely that those without the degree; white less than black; Republicans less than Democrats.

In this case, however, remember that having a lower likelihood of believing in psychics and “energy” could just mean you believe in God and miracles. Same product. Different flavor. It’s nothing to be proud of if you’re low on one only to be high on the other.

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