Rick Wiles: Brett Kavanaugh’s Accuser Must Be a “CIA Mind-Control” Assassin October 1, 2018

Rick Wiles: Brett Kavanaugh’s Accuser Must Be a “CIA Mind-Control” Assassin

Christian broadcaster Rick Wiles, like many conservatives, doesn’t just believe Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh committed no sexual assault, he thinks Dr. Christine Blasey Ford must have some underlying motive to lie about it. On his TruNews program Friday, he offered his own theory on what’s really going on: Dr. Ford is a “CIA mind-control” assassin who was obviously brainwashed in order to discredit Donald Trump.

“Are the leftists now doing this for the cause of the revolution?” he asked. “They are voluntarily submitting to having a mind-control hypnotist implant thoughts in their mind that can be triggered with just a single word and then these people truly believe that whatever has been planted in their mind actually happened. They can take a polygraph, they can be examined, they truly believe it because it was put there through hypnosis, through mind-control techniques.”

“Did we just watch a CIA mind-control assassination, an assassination of somebody’s character, of their reputation?” Wiles wondered. “Did we just witness a CIA take down of Brett Kavanaugh? If this is happening and you put this together with the Steele dossier and all the other things that have been done against the Trump administration, then we have a monster on the loose. A monster is on the loose!”

People sometimes wonder why atheists go after religion so much. One key reason: When your critical thinking skills are tossed aside in order for religious superstitions to make any sense, it makes you that much more likely to believe other forms of nonsense.

Wiles has no problem accepting this insane conspiracy theory because it explains something he doesn’t understand: how an otherwise normal judge who went to great schools could also be guilty of sexual assault. He doesn’t get that those two things don’t have to be incompatible. And he’s more willing to accept mind control and brainwashing than to believe the testimony of a woman who has nothing to gain from coming forward about her own trauma.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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