Poll Shows Nearly Half of British Adults Don’t Believe Jesus Performed Miracles October 1, 2018

Poll Shows Nearly Half of British Adults Don’t Believe Jesus Performed Miracles

What does Thomas Jefferson have in common with nearly half of the people in Britain?

They don’t believe Jesus performed any miracles.

That’s one of the eye-popping results from a new survey from polling firm ComRes, commissioned by the BBC. They asked British residents about their beliefs regarding miracles and found that many people don’t buy the superstitions at all.

46% of Brits don’t believe “Jesus performed miracles in any form” while only 11% believe the miracles happened precisely as described in the Bible. That said, 62% of respondents said miracles were possible today in some form — including 72% of people ages 18-24. (Only 34% rejected that myth altogether.)

So while irrational thinking remains pervasive, British people aren’t sold on the Jesus story. It’s a step in the right direction. But they have a long way to go.

Then again, who am I to talk? I’m from a country where more than a third of people believe the Bible is literally true — and under 10,000 years old — and our government is overrun with religious conservatives.

Nearly half of British people don’t believe in miracles? Now that’s a miracle.

(Image via Shutterstock. Thanks to Graham for the link)

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