Someone Needs to Tell Jesus to Stop Seducing These Women September 28, 2018

Someone Needs to Tell Jesus to Stop Seducing These Women

We tend to think of creepy, cringe-worthy Christian movies coming from the 1970s and 1980s… but just over a decade ago, there was a straight-to-video film trilogy that began with The Perfect Stranger.

The film was all about a married woman who gets invited to dinner by… Jesus. She accepts, mostly out of curiosity, because she wants to figure out who’s behind this. The other two movies shared a similar approach in which Jesus (played by Jefferson Moore) sought out an unsuspecting woman.

All of them appear to involve a weird seduction that’s mildly sexual in an only-in-Christian-movies sort of way.

Filmmaker Anthony Simon has now cut all three movies together in a short, totally awkward, still-not-worth-the-price-of-admission movie:

I know these are movies, but I still feel bad for those actresses.

(via Christian Nightmares)

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