Priest Who Wants Gays Killed: I’m Hiding After Death Threats by LGBTQ+ Activists September 28, 2018

Priest Who Wants Gays Killed: I’m Hiding After Death Threats by LGBTQ+ Activists

You may remember the priest who burned a rainbow flag after saying gay people should be put to death, and that he was then removed as head of his church. Now, he says he’s been driven into hiding thanks to “homosexualists” who have threatened him.

In his first interview since the controversial flag burning, Rev. Paul Kalchik said he has been sent off the grid not by his own hateful actions but by the evil gay people who want him dead. I mean, do they even know what it feels like for someone to say they hope you are put to death?! (Wait…)

Additionally, the priest says he went into hiding out of fear of being “arrested” on the orders of the Cardinal who warned him not to carry out the burning. But he also told a friendly “reporter” that he was fearing for his life after receiving death threats, and that he had no knowledge of his removal from the Church.

Kalchik added that, if police had come to arrest him at the parish, he isn’t sure what would have happened because he had volunteer policemen protecting him from “rabid homosexualists” (2:20 in the video)

Kalchik, a priest who once led Resurrection Parish in Chicago, told the website Church Militant that he wasn’t officially told not to burn the rainbow flag (although he definitely was). He also said he thought he’d be sent to a mental institution.

In the interview, Kalchik told the website that he was initially told he would be sent to St. Luke’s Institute, a psychiatric center in Maryland that focuses on mental health care for priests.

Kalchik has led the Resurrection Parish congregation for the past 11 years, but he was removed from the position after his church went ahead with plans to burn a pride flag that he called an “over-the-top sacrilegious depiction of our Lord’s passion.”

The pastor was told not to destroy the flag, but insists that he never received verbal instructions not to do so.

“Cardinal (Blasé) Cupich doesn’t operate in a written format,” he said. “Nobody said to not destroy it.”

Kalchik is blatantly lying here. He was told not to destroy the flag by the Archdiocese. He did it anyway. He also performed an exorcism on the fabric, implying homosexuality was the result of demonic possession.

It’s also worth noting the irony of how Kalchik sees himself as the victim given that he’s argued that the punishment for homosexuality should be death:

When asked about his views toward homosexuality, Kalchik was unequivocal, saying he’s “quite literal” when it comes to what the Bible says in Leviticus, Corinthians and Ephesians. Leviticus 20:13, according to the King James Bible, states: “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: They shall surely be put to death.”

What he did was ridiculous and just a means to grab attention while demeaning some of the most vulnerable members of our society. I hope he comes out of hiding soon. Maybe then he can listen to the concerns people have about his actions and understand why they sent such an awful message.

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