Christian Writer Shares Vision of 30-Ft-Tall Demon in Defense of Brett Kavanaugh September 27, 2018

Christian Writer Shares Vision of 30-Ft-Tall Demon in Defense of Brett Kavanaugh

In another perfectly normal statement from Charisma‘s Jennifer LeClaire, who once claimed a “sneaky squid spirit” would start stalking her, says that one of her buddies had a vision in which a 30-foot-tall demon appeared before him, representing the opposition to Brett Kavanaugh.

LeClaire just passed along those details without question in an effort to scare Christians into supporting Kavanaugh despite the multiple, uninvestigated sexual assault allegations against him.

Apostle Jonathan Stidham contacted me about a vision he had that I feel is important to share with the body of Christ right now. Here is his account:

On Sept. 24, 2018, while praying about this hot-button political issue, I had an open vision. In the vision, I saw a horse with the letter “K” shaved in its hair cross the finish line. I saw a Supreme Court justice robe and gavel of supreme judiciary authority being handed to Kavanaugh. The Lord told me that Judge Brett Kavanaugh lives pure and fears Him.

It is the will of the Lord for Brett Kavanaugh to judge this land, and the opposition is fierce. In the vision, I saw a demonic spirit nearly 30 feet tall standing in the Senate chambers. I asked the Lord, “What am I seeing?” The Lord replied “This is the spirit that is wrestling against Judge Kavanaugh’s purpose and destiny.”

Everyone congratulate Jennifer LeClaire. She found a way to say something even dumber than “I don’t believe any of the women sharing details accounts of their abuse.”

She could pray for the truth to come out, or for an FBI investigation to prove the allegations untrue. She could pray for the women to find peace if they don’t have it already.

Instead, she went with a 30-foot demon and a horse with the letter “K” shaved on its body. That’s easier for her to believe than the possibility that Brett Kavanaugh isn’t the choir boy he wants everyone to think he is.

(via Joe. My. God. Screenshot via YouTube)

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