Televangelist Frank Amedia: My Prayers Helped a Baby Grow One and a Half Kidneys September 25, 2018

Televangelist Frank Amedia: My Prayers Helped a Baby Grow One and a Half Kidneys

Televangelist Frank Amedia, who unofficially serves as Donald Trump‘s “liaison for Christian policy,” has a history of saying crazy things.

He once claimed to stop a tsunami from coming onto a Hawaiian island. He also blamed AIDS on “unnatural sex.” He also loves to heal people, like when he supposedly cured a man with cancer in his tongue just by reciting some words on television. (No before/after medical records of the man were ever released, of course.) He even resurrected an ant.

And on Friday night, he told a gathering of “POTUS Shield” members that his prayers fixed a man’s heart. And a baby’s heart. And helped another baby grow kidneys. Literally. The relevant portion begins at the 18:19 mark.

… People, a man — yes! — a man had his heart… I prayed with him at the hospital three, four weeks ago. He had 100% occlusion in his heart. He had a heart attack! They were gonna do something the next day, and when I put a hand on him at 9:00 at night, the Holy Spirit said, “Pray for a new artery.” I said, “Lord, give him the artery!” That was it! That was it! I didn’t [unintelligible noises]. Pray! Give him a new artery! It’s done in Jesus’ name.

Next morning, they went in. They ran some more injection in him… and the doctor came in and said, “I’ve never seen anything like this.” An artery grew around — a 100% corrected artery… and it’s given him full blood to his heart

I had a baby that was in the womb. Six months with half a heart missing. They wanted to abort him. The man was one of the leaders of the church of God. Dear friends of mine. He called me and says, “My daughter says I’m not supposed to lose this baby.” I said, “Brother, the Lord says that baby’s gonna grow his heart.” He says, “The doctor says it’s impossible after three months”… that baby was born with 100% heart

Another baby was born with no kidneys. The lady found me. She found me from Michigan and called. She says, “I hear that you can speak and declare creational miracles.” I said, “By the grace of God, what is it?” She said, “My baby was born with no kidneys… They’ve got her sitting in the hospital. She’ll never get out. They’re telling me she’s never gonna be able to grow and live like this. She’s too young to even ever get a transplanted kidney.”

I said, “Do you believe?” She said, “That’s why I’m calling you.” I said, “I declare that baby’s gonna grow kidneys.”

She called me one week later. She said, “Pastor, the first kidney is grown.” I said, “We’re not done. The second one’s coming.” My God fulfills things. The second one was half a kidney! And the doctor said, “Yeah, but the half a kidney’s working as good as a kidney. We’re letting her go home”…

Amazing. I don’t even know why any of those people even bothered to go to a hospital when Amedia was ready with some Christian hocus pocus that would’ve saved everyone all sorts of stress.

Not that you should believe any of his stories. He never provides medical records. We never hear from the doctors. There’s no indication of what they were doing while Amedia was wasting his time praying. We don’t know what counts as a medical miracle and what’s simply irregular.

By his logic, we shouldn’t even bother donating our organs. Patients should just give him a call and get his help in growing new ones.

That’s why his beliefs are so disturbing. He suggests that faith alone will help people overcome serious medical issues. That’s not always the case, and there’s no proof — literally none — that his prayers were the reason everything got better. We don’t even have the patients’ names to follow up. That’s how these preachers work. They never give specifics. They’re always purposely vague. They tell you enough of the story to elicit a reaction but not enough for you to follow up on it.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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