Sandy Rios: America Shook a “Fist of Defiance” at God with Marriage Equality September 22, 2018

Sandy Rios: America Shook a “Fist of Defiance” at God with Marriage Equality

At the Values Voter Summit this morning, the American Family Association’s Sandy Rios argued that America is shaking its collective fist at God because we allow gay people to get married — and, perhaps even more bizarre, that we were not shaking a fist at God right after 9/11.

Rios recounted how, just a few months after 9/11, she appeared on CNN in a debate with James Carville, who criticized Franklin Graham for declaring that Islam is “a very evil and wicked religion.” Rios said that when she told Carville that she agreed with Graham, Carville “just lost it” and “cursed G-D, right in my face.”

Within sixteen months of Carville “cursing God,” Rios said, the Supreme Court “made sodomy legal” with its Lawrence v. Texas ruling.

“That was the gate that opened the way to homosexual marriage,” she said. “And within — what? — 12 years or something like that, we had homosexual marriage in this country. So we went from 9/11, when things were maybe a little more normal and we lost so much ground in such a fast time. It was just within that 12 years that that momentary national awakening to the need for an Almighty God turned into a nationwide fist of defiance in his face.

Carville was right to criticize Graham for lumping all Muslims in with terrorists. But make no mistake: 9/11 arguably turned more people away from God than any other single event. Plenty of people were shaking a proverbial fist at God after that faith-based attack.

As for marriage equality, a lot of Christians celebrated on that day, too. Not everyone is a bigot like Rios and the people she works with.

It’s telling that she assumes the entire nation loved God after 9/11 but defied Him with same-sex marriage. That may be the mindset for the people in the VVS bubble, but their numbers are rapidly shrinking even if they maintain an outsized amount of power.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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