Anti-Gay Activist Denounces UK-Based Biblical Inclusion Questionnaire September 21, 2018

Anti-Gay Activist Denounces UK-Based Biblical Inclusion Questionnaire

Over the summer, a UK-based Christian charity called Living Out released an “audit” that would help churches know if they were being “biblically inclusive.” The audit is just a ten question checklist of sorts.

Churches don’t get points for supporting same-sex marriage or saying homosexuality isn’t a sin — they’re not rewarded for going against conservative Christian beliefs. Rather, they get points for treating same-sex relationships the same way they treat other sins. Or saying someone’s sexual orientation wouldn’t be an obstacle to someone becoming a church leader. Or denouncing “conversion therapy.”

It’s really not a progressive document. It’s a document you look at and think, “Well, it could be worse.”

And yet anti-LGBTQ activist Robert Oscar Lopez can’t handle the audit questions. He said on a recent episode of MassResistance TV that using the checklist would “undo the American Revolution.”

That’s because the Living Out is affiliated with the Church of England. Therefore… they’re coming for us.

“Would this not seem like the Church of England and Parliament is imposing homosexuality on American churches?” Lopez asked. “We fought an entire revolutionary war so that this would not happen. The people who gave their blood, sweat, and tears in the Revolutionary War did that so that Parliament and the Crown of England could not dictate to us our faith.”

“The Crown of England and Parliament have dictated that we have to allow the male prostitutes back into our temples,” he fumed. “They’re using these go-betweens between the Anglican Church and the Southern Baptist Convention to undo the American Revolution! I cannot emphasize this enough.”

To recap: An Anglican non-profit group said, “You should treat LGBTQ people with respect, and we’re here to help you out.” And a Christian activist responded with, “THE REVOLUTION IS COMING!”

This is why that awful saying “Love the sinner, hate the sin” doesn’t actually work in practice. Conservative Christians always end up with guys like this who hate the sinner for something that shouldn’t even be a sin.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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