Two Religious Groups Are Suing a Library Over Its “Drag Queen Story Time” Event September 20, 2018

Two Religious Groups Are Suing a Library Over Its “Drag Queen Story Time” Event

***Update***: The lawsuit can be read here.

Two Christian organizations are suing a Louisiana library over a program that involves reading to children.

If that doesn’t make sense, it’s the Drag Queen Story Hour that they object to because they claim it illegally merges church and state.

If that doesn’t make sense, the attorney says these readings promote “secular humanism” and that his clients are demanding the courts allow a minister to read to children for the sake of equality.

If that doesn’t make sense… well, yeah. It shouldn’t. This entire lawsuit is idiotic.

Here’s what’s happening: Two groups called Warriors for Christ and Special Forces of Liberty are suing over the fact that the Lafayette Parish Library is hosting “Drag Queen Story Time” on October 6. This is an event in which members of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s Delta Lamda Phi chapter read to children ages 3-6 with the goal of celebrating diversity, helping kids look beyond gender stereotypes, accepting differences, and preventing bullying. (It’s not even clear if the library organized the event or if they simply accepted a request by the students to use the public space.)

The defendants named in the lawsuit include Governor John Bel Edwards, Attorney General Jeff Landry, and library director Teresa Elberson.

“By bringing this lawsuit, we are unapologetically and firmly defending the civil rights movement led by pastor Martin Luther King.” said Attorney Christopher Sevier, who is representing the two organizations.

Sevier believes the Drag Queen Story Time violates the First Amendment Establishment Clause by failing the Lemon Test.

According to Sevier, to pass the test it must satisfy all three of these following requirements, 1. Serve a valid secular purpose, 2. No endorsing of a religion and 3. It can’t entangle government with religion.

Sevier says the event violates two of the requirements.

Adding that by having the event at the library, they are endorsing secular humanism.

“The evidence would suggest that the self identified transgendered. They are using a government facility to show that the governments backs their worldview to then target children, to indoctrinate them under a faith based ideology.” Sevier explained.

You don’t need to be a lawyer to understand how dumb all of that is. From the reference to MLK in the name of bigotry to the idea that celebrating inclusion and diversity with children amounts to a government endorsement of atheism, this is just Christian hate masquerading as a fight for equality.

And attorney Chris Sevier knows a lot about baseless lawsuits in the name of Christian bigotry.

In 2013, he sued Apple for making computers that let him access pornography. In 2016, he filed several lawsuits because he wanted to marry his computer — because if two gay men can get married, why not a man and a machine? CHECKMATE, ATHEISTS! And then last year, he sued four Democratic members of Congress for having a rainbow flag outside their offices because they apparently established the religion of homosexuality.

He doesn’t win any of these cases. The publicity he gets isn’t even good. Honestly, I’m not sure what he gets out of it other than making Christians look like idiots. Either he’s an atheist mole or no one in his life cares about him enough to tell him he’s making an ass of himself.

The Drag Queen Story Time event will undoubtedly go on, because there’s nothing wrong with it. But this week, three members of the Lafayette City-Parish Council voiced their symbolic opposition to the event claiming it was “inappropriate” for children. The majority of the council members didn’t comment one way or the other — mostly because they don’t micromanage what the library does.

(Note to readers: Based on a past incident with one of the groups in question, please do not harass them. Criticize and condemn all you want. Threats of any kind will not be tolerated.)

(Screenshot via YouTube. Thanks to Brian for the link)

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