Toronto City Councillor: Church/State Separation Is Why Kids Kill Each Other September 17, 2018

Toronto City Councillor: Church/State Separation Is Why Kids Kill Each Other

Toronto City Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti just blamed the rise in youth violence on the “Devil.” And somehow it’s still not the worst thing he said this weekend.

Mammoliti, an ally of controversial Ontario Premier Doug Ford, is running for re-election next month and he’s doing everything he can to play up his religious convictions for a conservative voting base. Yesterday, he posted this bizarre rant on Facebook claiming that church/state separation shouldn’t exist, Satan was causing a rise in youth crime, and citizens should always vote for religious candidates over non-religious ones.

Enough of the attack on Christians and all other faiths. I encourage every voter in the City of Toronto to ask their candidate whether they believe in a God and to support those candidates who DO over those who do not. We need to bring religious values back into politics because their lack is the reason our children are killing each other. Religion and politics DO MIX. Let’s drive the devil out of Toronto!

As PressProgress reports, though, Mammoliti’s attempt to promote religious virtue doesn’t mean much when you consider all the other mean-spirited things he’s posted up until now. Then there are his actual policies, which Jesus would likely have a problem with:

Whereas the Bible advocates being “generous to the poor,” Mammoliti has spent the lion’s share of his campaign demonizing Toronto’s Jane & Finch neighbourhood — a low-income, racialized community whose community leaders call Mammoliti’s campaign messages “pure racism” and an “attack on poor working communities.”

Earlier this month Mammoliti released a campaign ad featuring a photo of himself standing in front of a social housing unit in Jane & Finch holding a sledgehammer.

The text of that ad reads: “saving our community begins with knocking down social housing. You deserve better!”

Maligning the poor and promoting racial bigotry… just like God commanded.

By the way, there’s serious irony in a politician who plays up God while using the tagline “Let’s Keep It Real.” But if 2014’s election results mean anything, Mammoliti has a good chance of getting re-elected.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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