Pat Robertson Thanks God That Hurricane Florence Will Hurt Other People, Not Him September 12, 2018

Pat Robertson Thanks God That Hurricane Florence Will Hurt Other People, Not Him

Just days after televangelist Pat Robertson called on God to create a “shield of protection” over innocent people and move the path of Hurricane Florence away from his property, meteorologists say the hurricane has shifted more south. That means Virginia, where Robertson is located, may be spared, but Georgia is now in the line of destruction — along with North and South Carolina.

Today on The 700 Club, Robertson celebrated that news and called on those other states to pray just like he did if they want to avoid any damage.

“We’ve seen many, many, many prayers being answered,” Robertson said. “We prayed together in our staff a few days ago and asked the Lord to move that hurricane’s course away from this area and from what we gather right now, the storm track has shifted south of this area and we no longer are under the threat of a serious hurricane here … For that, I’m grateful.

“God has answered prayer in relation to us here at Regent and CBN,” he added. “All I can say is thank the Lord that we, at this point — sitting here with CBN, Regent University, and all the things we do here — has been spared once again and people have been praying. I hope you would pray — those of you in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, wherever you live — seek God and he is able to give you relief.

Variations of this line have been said before, but Robertson is basically thanking a serial killer for going after the family next door. He’s grateful that God rewarded him for his prayers by moving the hurricane away… even though plenty of churches and Christians are still in the path of destruction because they happen to be closer to the coastline. Unless God wants to reshape the coast, or the hurricane dissipates on its own, those three states could see a lot of damaged property and lost lives this weekend.

But Robertson is safe. So there’s no need to be concerned, I guess.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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