Creationist Kent Hovind Now Says Grapes Are Proof That Evolution is False September 11, 2018

Creationist Kent Hovind Now Says Grapes Are Proof That Evolution is False

Creationist Kent Hovind has been on a tear lately attempting to explain why things like broccoli and celery disprove evolution because they were too complicated to have evolved without God’s help. (I guess bananas were taken.)

His latest example of Darwinian Kryptonite?


… How could a grapevine… evolve slowly by chance and from what? Wait till you see what they teach on the internet that the grapes evolve from. You won’t believe it…

How could it happen by chance and from what? How many trillions of intermediate steps would there have to be to turn a dot of nothing into a grape? Isn’t that what they teach?

That is not what anyone teaches.

At one point, Hovind displays his complete ignorance of evolution by assuming that an organism with more chromosomes is “further” evolved… whatever that means.

Since a grape has 38 chromosomes, just like a cat, Hovind says, there’s something wrong with science. (He sarcastically claims “it’s very hard to tell the difference” between the two.)

The best part of the clip? Hovind showed this (actual) taxonomic chart detailing the genetic relationship between tomatoes, coffee trees, grapes, and rice. Not that Hovind was convinced.

… millions of years ago, it split off, and rice went this way, and grapevines went this way. You have to have help to be that stupid! You can’t possibly be that stupid on your own. You gotta go to school for years to be that stupid.

It’s always entertaining when the worst student in class insists he’s smarter than the professor…

You could try responding to all of Hovind’s questions, but the problem with Creationists is that they don’t actually want to hear answers. They think their ignorance is enough proof for everyone. Hovind could do the research… but he doesn’t want to. He’d rather make videos arguing that God Did It applies to food as well as everything else.

Maybe one day, Hovind will get his science education from a biology textbook instead of a trip to the grocery store.

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