WV School Bans Pregame Prayers Over Loudspeaker, But Christians Think They Won September 9, 2018

WV School Bans Pregame Prayers Over Loudspeaker, But Christians Think They Won

A couple of days ago, I posted about how Christians were threatening to walk out of the public address booth at Man High School in West Virginia if the district didn’t allow them to lead a prayer over the loudspeaker before the game. Even though doing so was absolutely illegal.

So how did that work out?

Short answer: The atheists won… and the Christians are claiming victory.

Longer answer: The district took to heart the warning from the Freedom from Religion Foundation and said no pregame prayers over the loudspeakers would be permitted. Announcer Chris Trent, who made the original threat, explained to the crowd why be wouldn’t be leading them in prayer… and so instead of using the school’s equipment to promote Christianity, fans from the stands prayed on their own.

You could argue he teed them up, but the point is that the fans did it on their own. (Kind of.) In any case, it’s fine. It’s weird — it’s not like God’s going to let both teams win — but it’s fine. Fans can do what they want. Their silly chants aren’t breaking the law.

And then a bunch of people who don’t understand the law claimed they had somehow beaten the system by sticking it those First Amendment people who don’t understand “the culture of what we are.”

One other note: Trent, the guy who originally made the protest threat, told reporters he got an interesting phone call:

Trent said he also got a call from Attorney General Patrick Morrissey saying he will support them if they are faced with a lawsuit.

That’s West Virginia for you: The attorney general is too ignorant to understand the law and is willing to spend taxpayer money to make sure Christianity can be shoved in the face of everyone who goes to a public high school football game.

But I’ll give Trent credit for one thing: No one’s talking about the athletes. He found a way to make this issue all about him and Jesus. And isn’t that what high school football is really all about?

(Thanks to Scott and Brian for the link)

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