Here’s Video of My Conversation with a Christian Apologist September 7, 2018

Here’s Video of My Conversation with a Christian Apologist

Last week, I took part in a dialogue about religion with Christian apologist Sean McDowell and moderated by Justin Brierley (who hosts the Unbelievable? podcast).

We discussed our own backgrounds, the biggest misconceptions the “other side” had about us, and answered the audience’s questions.

The audio will appear on the podcast soon, but video of our conversation is available online. (You can’t really see us up close, but the audio is crisp and clear.)

There are always a million ways to play Monday morning quarterback — and I’m sure commenters here will readily offer better responses than ones I gave off the cuff — but I always appreciate events where the goal is to clear up misconceptions instead of trying to score points. Not a lot of churches are willing to host that kind of discussion. So kudos to Westside for hosting the event.

You can read Sean’s take on our talk here. I’ll echo his comment about how the audience hopefully saw “vigorous disagreement, but charitable engagement.” The issues we discussed may be old hat for a lot of atheists who have read (and discussed and debated) a lot of apologetics and counter-apologetics. It’s hard to avoid when you leave religion. That’s not always the case for a lot of churchgoers, though. If they were listening to an open atheist for the first time, I hope the things I said were sensible even if they didn’t agree with it all.

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