Pastor Rick Joyner: Miraculous Healings Occur Just a Few Feet Away From Me! September 4, 2018

Pastor Rick Joyner: Miraculous Healings Occur Just a Few Feet Away From Me!

On Friday, Pastor Rick Joyner of MorningStar Ministries held a “healing service” in which he claimed there was a special part of the room where people could magically be healed by God.

He then talked about how much his feet and knees hurt… without going to that special part of the room.

It’s not the only bizarre claim he made.

You can hear it all for yourself at the 41:30 mark of this video:

… We’ve had times where, you know, when we first moved in here, there was tremendous miracles and healing start taking place right in this area, right here in front.

And one time, we had a meeting where it started raining indoors. And there was not a storm outside! It wasn’t raining outside! But I mean big drops of rain were coming down through the whole thing. We’ve got it on video!

And, uh… there are wonders and there are signs that you wonder about. But I believe the Lord — there was a major blessing, something happening… We later found out, when Jim Bakker had this place, there was a fountain right there that occasionally, people could step into and get healed. I think it is spiritually still right there.

Sometimes, things like that happen. Over in this area, sometimes, something may break out. Something may start happening over here. If you’re prompted, run to it. Or if you can’t run, you need healing like I do, and your feet and knees — by the way, we really need somebody raised up who has the gift of healing old age. [Laughter.] I think you would have a lot of business.

So just to summarize…

It once rained indoors and there’s video evidence, even though it wasn’t provided… (I’ve requested a link to that video.) In fact, Joyner has said this before. He claimed multiple clouds appeared in the middle of the stage and several thousand people witnessed it. He said then, too, that the video was in the archives. That was January of 2017. The video still hasn’t been released.

Joyner also said there was once a fountain that healed people in that building, but they removed it. (Because who wants a magical fountain, anyway?)

And there’s a spot currently in the room where people can be healed, but Joyner himself didn’t go over there (or crawl there, or ask people to lift him over there). I guess God has no love for one of His own ministers.

Right after Joyner finished speaking, Todd Bentley took the stage. Bentley is cut from the same cloth. In 2015, he said he personally brought 35 people back from the dead and there was video evidence… which was (surprise!) never released.

Just another one of your typical totally honest church services.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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