A Movie Claiming to Debunk Evolution Features Pastors Who Don’t Understand It September 2, 2018

A Movie Claiming to Debunk Evolution Features Pastors Who Don’t Understand It

In a trailer for a movie that “will knock the socks off of the Atheist Community,” a group of Christians explain why everyone who accepts evolution is obviously “confused.”

It’s telling that the only commenters in the trailer are ministers. I guess they couldn’t find any scientists to back them up. Don’t worry, though. They got Creationist Kent Hovind.

So… checkmate, Atheist Community.

Not that they were going to have credible arguments against it anyway, but notice how a lot of what they say in the trailer are things that have nothing to do with science itself. One preacher says, “Charles Darwin is clearly a racist,” as if the title of his book (which wasn’t even referring to the color of our skin) means the underlying ideas in it are false. Hovind also adds that people accept evolution because they want “freedom from God for their lifestyle.” These aren’t arguments against evolution. They’re distractions.

The awkwardly named “SCIENCE falsely so called” (a reference to 1 Timothy 6:20) will be out later this month.

So enjoy evolution while it lasts, I guess.

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