Jacksonville Politician’s Response to Shooting? Let’s Get “Closer with the Lord” August 28, 2018

Jacksonville Politician’s Response to Shooting? Let’s Get “Closer with the Lord”

Jacksonville (FL) City Council member Reggie Gaffney was so heartbroken by the mass shooting that took place over the weekend at a local bar that he showed up to the scene of the attack on Sunday afternoon.

He obviously thinks this is an important time to talk about guns — how easy they are to acquire, how Florida has very loose regulations, etc. — but he also says there’s something else we need to be talking about: God.

I really think we got a gun problem in America. I think we got a gun problem in Jacksonville. And I think we got a faith problem

… Actually, I just have two questions:

What are we going to do about guns? And we’ve really got to get focused on getting closer with the Lord. Because this city’s under attack right now, I think.

That’s not a question… It’s also an absurd comment.

As if the same God Christians believe allowed this shooting to occur would suddenly change His Divine Plan if more people believed in supernatural nonsense.

God isn’t going to save us. We need to save ourselves. You don’t have to look beyond the Catholic Church for more proof of that. The gun problem’s not going to go away until politicians institute more regulations and provide more affordable mental health care for those who need it.

(via Raw Story. Thanks to Brian for the link)

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