Christian Blogger: Paid Leave Hurts America Since Women Should Be Housewives August 28, 2018

Christian Blogger: Paid Leave Hurts America Since Women Should Be Housewives

Lori Alexander, the fundamentalist Christian mommy blogger who is always reminding you of hr superiority, now claims that “family-friendly” policies like subsidized child care and paid leave are bad for America because they ultimately encourage women to get back to work when they should be homemakers and housewives.

Are paid family leave and subsidized child care family-friendly policies? They sure aren’t, in my opinion, because they simply make it easier for women to work away from their homes and leave their children in the care of others with the support of taxpayers funding them. It supports anti-family policies rather than building up families. Keeping children from their parents is destructive to children.

That’s not just irresponsible, it’s ignorant. Setting aside the idea that many women want to have a career outside the home, and that both parents could use the mental health break, many families need two incomes to stay afloat. They shouldn’t have to choose between taking care of a sick relative or a newborn baby and keeping their jobs — larger American employers (and most other countries in general) know this and offer things like paid leave without question. It would be cruel if they didn’t.

Not that Alexander cares about any of that. The feminists who think women should work are just tools of the Devil, she implies.

No, we aren’t men and we don’t need to seek what they have — careers. We need to go back to the beautiful ancient paths that God has set for us and walk on them. They are the only path that godly woman should walk on, not the paths that the feminists have called women to take. Those paths only lead to destruction.

This is the problem with fundamentalists. It’s not enough that they get to choose their own path; they want to dictate yours, too. Any woman who chooses a career isn’t just making a different choice; she’s disobeying God’s will.

Needless to say, our government should give families the option to do what’s best for them by passing family-friendly policies. It’s too bad the current administration is overrun with conservative Christians eager to take choice away from everyone they can.

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