A Church Wants to Know How Many Stars You’d Rate Jesus (Seriously) August 28, 2018

A Church Wants to Know How Many Stars You’d Rate Jesus (Seriously)

A church in Florida wants you to rate Jesus from one to five stars, and they’re giving you the option to leave comments. (You wouldn’t want to disappoint them by not participating, right?)

Relevant Church in Tampa presumably thinks this is a great publicity stunt. And why not? A decade ago, Pastor Paul Wirth launched a “30-day Sex Challenge” to get married couples to be more intimate… while single people in relationships were told to abstain entirely. They’ve gotten positive press before.

So if they’re going to get press this time around, they should at have to do some work and explain why Jesus only has a one star rating.

In today’s world, we make so many decisions based on ratings. Whether it’s a trendy new restaurant, or a gym that just opened up near you, chances are you want to know what others are saying about it. What if we could do that with Jesus? What would you rate Him and why? Go to RateJesus.com and give Him a rating, and let’s talk about it

So leave your star. Tell them you liked the original better than the sequel. Say his origin story makes no sense. Mark him down for plagiarism. Explain how Jesus needs to clean up the mess He left behind. Then sit back and wait for the apologetic sermons attempting to tell you why you’re wrong.

(They do ask for a name and email address before you can submit your ranking. Because of course this is going on a list somewhere.)

Maybe after they’ve compiled some answers, the church can at least do us all a favor and recommend other prophets we may enjoy.

(Thanks to James for the link)

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