Jim Bakker: I’m Worried I’ll Be “Murdered in the Street” if I Wear My Trump Hat August 27, 2018

Jim Bakker: I’m Worried I’ll Be “Murdered in the Street” if I Wear My Trump Hat

Televangelist Jim Bakker is suffering under the Trump administration.

He told his audience on Friday that he can’t even wear a pro-Trump hat when he goes outside because he’s worried that liberals will literally murder him. (Presumably with the guns they want to ban…)

“I don’t dare wear a Trump hat,” Bakker said. “The evil in this country is so bad, if I was a Republican — which I have been my whole life — I couldn’t wear a hat with my candidate on it without concern about being murdered in the street.

“They’re putting us in a corner and I won’t shut up,” he added. “They send messages to me that I will be killed, that I will be through and yet I don’t stop. I’m in the United States of America and I’m threatened because I want to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, I believe the Bible? I believe this whole book. Why can’t I believe this book? In America, you cannot believe this book without being harassed.

Jimmy. We don’t want to kill you. There’s no need to. You already died on the inside a long time ago.

No Christians are harassed for believing in the Bible either. That’s why there’s a church on damn near every major block in America, and why people like Bakker have their own TV shows.

He’s confusing anti-Christian sentiment with very real and justified opposition to Trump and his policies. Just because people look at Bakker funny for proudly supporting an ignorant bigot doesn’t mean they’re trying to burn down churches and assassinate him. They’re probably just wondering what anyone sees in that guy.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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