Donald Trump Is Throwing a Dinner Party for Evangelical Christians Tonight August 27, 2018

Donald Trump Is Throwing a Dinner Party for Evangelical Christians Tonight

There are a few things Donald Trump does every time he’s in the middle of a scandal. He tries changing the subject on Twitter, goes golfing at one of his resorts, and reminds white evangelical Christians that he and they are permanently entwined.

So after a week of his close associates being found guilty of crimes and his pathetic response to the death of Sen. John McCain, Trump is spending tonight throwing a “state-like” dinner for prominent evangelicals. (It’s unclear when the event was scheduled.)

There is no real purpose to the event, other than honoring “the contributions evangelicals have made to American life.”

What contributions? Homophobia? Permitting sexual abuse within church walls? The assault on science and sex education? The treatment of women as helpmeets (and little else)? The phantom cakes and imaginary floral bouquets they never made for same-sex couples? Looking the other way when Trump brags about assaulting women? Ignoring the affairs he had, including the one shortly after the birth of his fifth child with his third wife?

You know, their moral authority.

This dinner is really Trump’s way of thanking them for providing cover for him even as his administration separates children from their families, promotes racism and bigotry, and degrades our nation’s standing in the world.

All it took was a lie about saving Christmas, some lip service about God, and the appointment of all the federal judges they ever wanted.

Hell, maybe it’s not even a dinner. Maybe Trump’s giving them an award for their acting skills. After all, it’s hard to keep up the myth of Christian persecution for this long.

According to the Christian Broadcasting Network, joining the evangelicals will be “Many senior administration advisors” and “more than one third of cabinet members.” No guest list has been released yet though CBN’s David Brody says Pastor Robert Jeffress and Ralph Reed will be there.

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