The Problem With Religious Immortality… Explained with Spaghetti August 24, 2018

The Problem With Religious Immortality… Explained with Spaghetti

One of the strangest aspects of religion is the idea that you will live forever. If you follow the religion’s rule on Earth, then you’ll go to Heaven and enjoy the rest of eternity.

That also implies that there’s something wrong with the kind of mortality that atheists accept. As if living for a set amount of time, then dying, deprives us of some ultimate purpose.

DarkMatter2525 explains the flaw in that thinking… using spaghetti.

As he writes in the video’s description,

I don’t care about a trillion years from now, when humanity is long gone. I care about the here and now, and the immediate future. Just because it ends, it doesn’t mean that it is without meaning; in fact, I’d say that makes it matter more.

Enjoy the meal while you can, everyone.

(via DarkMatter2525. Thanks to Ed for the link)

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